Wilson Sleek Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Nokia Lumia 710

The Nokia Lumia 710 is a fine phone that encompasses features and specifications that are simply amazing. So, if you have already purchased the Lumia 710 or just in case you are planning to get it for yourself, you can also get some really exciting accessories for the phone as well. Lets check our one important accessory: Reception Boosters!

Wilson Sleek Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Nokia Lumia 710The Wilson Sleek Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit for Lumia 710 allows the user to reduce the rate of dropped calls when you are caught in areas where the signal is not very strong. It ensures that you are always connected by also ensuring that the output power of the phone to the tower of the cell phone is always high. It consists of a bi-directional signal booster designed by Wilson, which is capable of amplifying cellular signals to and from the cell phone tower, as well as a battery charging port. If you use it with a Bluetooth enabled device or headset then you will enjoy hands-free operation as well.

So, if you feel that you need an accessory that will allow you to extend the range / signal of your carrier and increase data transfer speeds, then this accessory is ideal for you. One of the biggest advantages of this accessory is that it is very easy to install and you do not require any special tool to set it up. It is a simple plug and play signal booster kit that consists of a cradle, battery charger and an in-built inside antenna. It offers protection against oscillation and auto resetting as well as shutdown.

It is capable of providing an output power of up to 1820 milliwatts, which is about twenty times more powerful in comparison to a normal cell phone. This unique piece of accessory is also capable of extending the battery life of your Nokia Lumia 710, simply because the booster ensures that your cell phone functions using up less power. It comes with cleverly designed arms that make it easily adjustable.

You can purchase this amazing phone signal booster kit, as well as other mobile device accessories at Techie Warehouse!

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