Why the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Full-Size Folding Keyboard Provides Easy Usage the New BlackBerry Curve 9380?

The user of BlackBerry Curve 9380 is often pestered by this common question. According to him, the capacitive touchscreen of this latest device is enough to access all the functions of the phone. The on-screen default keyboard enables him to write long mails, messages, articles and blogs. Now, in such a condition he might not realize the significance of the above question. But, after using the device for some days, he would realize that excessive use is tarnishing the gleam of the touch screen. Moreover, long texting is somewhat hazardous with the default keyboard. Therefore, usage of a Bluetooth keyboard is becomes essential. A detailed discussion of its features proves the usefulness and its requirement for your new BlackBerry Curve 9380.

Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry Curve 9380 The Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry Curve 9380 is quite portable and it is accompanied by a folding stand that is used for the device. The stand enables the user to use this accessory at any place without any difficulty. The keyboard is equipped with a total of seventy five keys all perfectly arranged in five rows. There are six keys, which are allotted for receiving calls, ending unwanted calls, access messages or mails , open the address book , calendar and the task. Apart from this, there are twelve keys for quick launching and these are all user-defined. The presence of certain function and control keys allow the user to control his smartphone from the Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard is equipped with dual AAA batteries that make the accessory quite powerful and ideal for an upgraded device. Once charged the accessory can be used for more than ninety hours and provides a standby time of three thousand hours. The presence of LED illuminates in the keyboard, inform the user about the working and power status. A well-designed case comes with the complete pack of Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard. This case is mainly used for storing this accessory.

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