Why Invest in an iGrip Car Extender Mount Holder Kit

iGrip Car Extender Mount Holder Kit for smart phones

Are you looking for the right car mount for your smartphone? Try browsing through the options available at Techie Warehouse. They have amazing deals and models to suit every bill. Do remember though, that talking on the phone while driving is not a safe idea. You should concentrate on the road instead of your smartphone when you are driving. One very important accessory is a mount holder for your phone.

iGrip Car Extender Mount Holder Kit  for smartphonesYou will like the functionality of this iGrip Car Extender Mount Holder Kit.  It can be conveniently attached to your car’s windshield. The kit is compatible with most smartphone models from Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, LG and multiple other brands; so just one mount works for so many smartphone models.

Now you can keep your concentration on your wheel and no the road, while your phone is safely mounted with the kit. This kit is easy to use and set up. It provides one of the best holding solutions for your phone while you are driving. You will not have to strain your eyes to check the number of the incoming call on your phone. The mount kit enables you to position the phone in a convenient viewing angle and in an upright state.

The kit comes with a holder or mini-Gripper, a mount which is the extension arm, a dashboard mounting disk and an alcohol pad. You can easily attach the mount in less than a minute to your vehicle’s dashboard or windscreen as per your convenience. If you want to extend the reach of the mount, you can use the optional arm. You can even use this extension to act as a low suction cup on your car’s windshield. The cup is an 80mm suction cup. You even get an optional dashboard placement in the shape of a round disc which comes in the kit. So now you need not drive through heavy traffic or highways with the phone in one hand. Even when you are using the phone’s GPS you can view the screen while it rests secured on the mount.

The kit even compliments a Bluetooth hands-free device and is a must-have if you are to use GPS while driving long distances. The product weights just 1.4 pounds and is made of high grade durable plastic. It has been used by many smartphone users and is one of the most highly recommended accessories.


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