Which Droid X Case works with the Extended Battery?

One of the most common questions we get is “what kind of case will work with my Droid X extended battery”. After testing almost 200+ cases we have determined the following cases to be the best fitting cases for your Motorola Droid X with an extended battery.

Motorola Droid X TPU Cases

Droid X TPU Cases that work with extended battery

Advantage: The flexible but firm TPU cover cases will allow your Droid X along with the extended battery door to work. Cheap to purchase

Cons: None

Motorola Droid X Seidio Innocase Cases

Motorola Droid X Seidio Innocase Case works with Extended Battery

Advantage: Out of our entire line it was the only Snap on Case that would fit the Motorola Droid X with the extended battery door.

Cons: Seidio is a Luxury brand so you’ll pay a little more than the average case.

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2 Responses to Which Droid X Case works with the Extended Battery?

  1. Charles Rone says:

    I have the Powerskin to increase my battery life and need a case or something that allows me to attach the phone to my hip. My phone is the HTC Inspire 4G with the Powerskin. Please let me know what I should buy. Thanks for your help.

  2. Ken says:

    These links no longer have listings. Any other sources / cases? Thanks.

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