Where is the Seidio Active Cover Case for the NEW iPad 3 (3rd Generation)?

What we hope to be the ipad 3 Seido Active Case

The Seidio Active for ipad 2. Wil the iPad 3 Active case look something like this?

I’m sure many of you who love their Seidio Cases for their Smartphone would consider getting the NEW iPad 3 a Seidio Active case if they make one. So far there are no cases up yet on Seidio’s website for the NEW iPad just yet.

Once the iPad comes out for release on March 16th, this will give Seidio an opportunity to make their announcement in the coming weeks. So keep checking out our NEW iPad 3 accessories store for an announcement or send an email to Annabelle on our TW Customer Care Team for some insight.

Tell us below if you want the Seidio iPad 3 cases and if it’s worth the wait to you?


UPDATE 3/18/12: The NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) Seidio Active Multifunction cases are now available!

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