LG Quantum Battery Life Quick Tips & Tricks

All the users of a LG Quantum phone will know that this is one of the best Windows phones that are available. This is a side slide phone that has been designed for professionals and regular users alike. There is a 3.5 inch display on the along with a 5 mega pixel camera. This phone is known for its solid construction and weight that makes it a durable handset for all. This is also 3G capable. The LG Quantum boasts of an immense battery life but the way the phone is used also matters a lot. For example, this is a heavy phone and the battery usage of this phone gets enhanced when the phone is on the vibrator mode. Due to its bulk, the vibrator mode uses more battery power than the other phones in its category. Also the screen resolution matters a lot on this phone.

The higher the screen resolution and the brighter the screen, the more power it consumes from the battery. Similarly, if the wall paper of this phone if is animated, then more battery power is consumed. Therefore reducing the brightness,-which is something that invariably escapes one’s attention-and the use of a static wall paper help tremendously in the reduction of the battery power. His phone is 3G services capable and there are some always on functions that drain the battery power. If these services like the weather updates etc. are not switched on, then too one can save a lot of battery power consumption. Then there is the camera usage that matters too. This phone bears one of the finest cameras with a very high resolution. Intense photography will lead to a battery drain. Use of flash also drains a lot of power and if it is used judiciously the battery minutes can be saved.

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