Verizon iPhone Flexes it’s Muscles: Verizon Motorola Accessories Sales Plummet

Verizon iPhone Flexes it's Muscles: Verizon Motorola Accessories Sales Plummet

Even as consumers are desperately waiting for Verizon iPhone, Verizon Motorola phones are witnessing a slowdown in its sales figures. This has a direct impact on Motorola accessories sales as well. If consumers are not buying Motorola phones there won’t be a reason to buy Motorola accessories. Yet another reason behind the same is that Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. has recently parted ways with the rest of the Motorola on the 4th of January. While the company did register profit in the fourth quarter, it has stated that it may register a loss in the current quarter. While Motorola did attain popularity with the launch of Razr, its mobile phones have not really been able to leave an impression on consumers. The company is now pinning its hopes on its smartphones including that of Android based Droid.

With Verizon announcing that it will begin selling iPhone from the 10th of February, the Motorola mobility sales figure has seen a slowdown. However, it is not necessary that the consumers who enter Verizon stores will actually end up buying an iPhone only. There is every possibility that consumers will look at other options and settle for another brand as well. According to Motorola, the company had recently registered a net income figure of USD 80 million in the month of October to December. The company is estimating a loss in the first quarter. Motorola had shipped some 4.9 million smart phones in the quarter which was up from two million in the same quarter a year ago, after the launch of Droid phone for the first time. However, the company shipped 11.3 million of all its models in the fourth quarter, which was slightly lower in comparison to 12 million a year ago. However, the company is also planning to make a comeback with the launch of Xoom in the month of February 2011. The 10.1 inch wide touch screen of Xoom along with its twin camera and flash playing abilities is likely to attract eyeballs.

The idea of splitting the two companies was conceived in 2008. However, it took a backseat after the economic downfall. The main aim of splitting the company was to give investors two different and simple picture about the company. However, ever since then the Motorola’s mobility sales have continued to witness a downfall.

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