Verizon iPhone 4 Battery Life Quick Tips & Tricks

Verizon iPhone 4 Stands Tall

TheĀ Verizon iPhone 4 is offers hi-end features including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The iPhone 4 with no doubt sports a great battery life. The iPhone is capable of providing some very exciting features, there are several ways you can enhance the battery life of your iPhone. Here are some useful battery life tips & tricks for your Verizon iPhone 4. These tips are quick and simple for the average user to adjust.

You can improve the battery life of by making yourself aware of conservative ways your iPhone can be used. Therefore, if you wish to view your iPhone usage statistics, you will simply have to tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen of your gadget and choose the General > Usage option. Once you have learned about the usage statistics, you can update its software to run the gadget effectively. Make sure that your iPhone has the latest Apple Software installed in it. This is because Apple’s engineers are always looking for new ways to optimize the performance of the battery by improving the software and hardware integration.

If the features in your device have not been configured properly, it may lead to decreased iPhone battery life. Hence, in order to enhance the battery performance, you need to make less use of features such as location services. Therefore, consider disabling the location service feature and use it only if required.

Turning off the push notification can also result in increased battery performance. In addition to this, you should try to reduce the frequency at which you search for new data. If you use email and other data features regularly, then it can lead to drained battery. Also try turning off the push mail account, in case you are using them regularly. Instead, turn your push mail account on, only when it is required. Turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features and decreasing the usage of third party applications can also help save the battery.

You can also make use of the Scosche Rechargeable Battery Pack and Charger (Verizon & AT&T) that is capable of restoring as much as 80% battery life from an iPhone battery that is completely dead. It is a handy device to have, especially if you travel on a regular basis.

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  1. M. A. Reddy says:

    If one has to turn off everything, why have so many features. batterries. Apple and other cell phone companies should simultanously push batterry makers to develop that can last longer instead of doling out these crappy useless batterries that undermine the very concept of smartphones.

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