Use the Qmadix HTC Rhyme Screen Protector to Extend the Life of Your Phone

Qmadix offers customized cases for your HTC Rhyme and you can be rest assured about the superior quality as well as the functionality of the cases. But sometimes, cases, skins and phone covers cannot protect the touch screen of your phone completely. Since most of us are habituated to use our fingers on the phone’ screen, we stain and scratch the phone’s screen unknowingly. Lets check out an important accessory; the screen protector!

Qmadix HTC Rhyme Screen Protector PackTo solve this problem, Qmadix has brought for us the Qmadix HTC Rhyme Screen Protector Pack. This pack contains three screen protectors. These protectors promise to protect the phone’s display screen from scratches, finger prints, stains and even dust. A protector is a clear film which allows you an unobstructed view of the display screen. It does not hinder any functionality of the phone and at the same time is user friendly.

The screen protector is extremely thin and adds no extra mass to the phone. It provides discreet protection and is barely there. You can apply this easily and removing it does not leave any ungainly residue or marks on your phone’s screen. It allows you complete access to the phone buttons, camera and USB slot etc.

This pack includes three screen protectors from Qmadix custom made for HTC Rhyme. It also includes a screen wipe which helps you clean the screen protector with ease to keep it looking as good as new.

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