Use the Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for Your BlackBerry Curve 9380!

The new BlackBerry Curve 9380 is not just a phone for making/receiving calls. It is much more than that. It would not be wrong to call it a mini computer; the capacitive touch screen enables the user to access all the functions and applications of the device.  With this smartphone in hand you can write blogs, articles, send numerous mails and messages. But, have you ever thought that the gleam of the touch screen might diminish due to excessive use? Or, have you ever realized how hazardous it would be writing long mails and messages through the default on-screen keyboard? Actually, most users tend to ignore this fact. But, after using the default keyboard for some days, they realize the problem. To avoid this problem, just grab a Bluetooth Keyboard for your BlackBerry Curve 9380. Lets check out one now!

Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for Blackberry Curve 9380As the name suggests, the Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for Blackberry Curve 9380 is indeed small and can be accommodated in your palm. The keyboard consists of total forty-nine keys, which offers a layout of QWERTY origin. A button is present for accessing the some functions like volume and other commands of the phone. The accessory is equipped with a Li-ion battery of, which has rechargeable qualities. The keyboard can be charged through a USB port and takes about three to four hours to receive full charge. The entire pack of Bluetooth Mini Keyboard consists of a small informative CD for the users and a charging cable of USB origin.

With Bluetooth Mini Keyboard texting, messaging and mailing is no longer an arduous task for the user. So, grab this accessory now! You can find this keyboard, as well as other mobile device accessories at Techie Warehouse.

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