Ultra-thin Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard & Case for Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is also known as the Samsung Google Nexus 3, boasts of a Super AMOLED touchscreen which is completely capacitive and multi-touch. It is an amazing Android phone which uses the version 2.3 of the operating system. It features a 5 MP camera which has LED Flash, autofocus, geo tagging, Touch Focus, and face detection features also. With a phone like this which uses the dual core processor, you should always opt for Bluetooth accessories which are of superior quality and are highly functional.  Amongst Bluetooth accessories, it is wise to invest in a good headset, car kit and also a good keyboard.

You might question the requirement of a keyboard when you have a capacitive touchscreen to enable all the functions of the phone with immense ease. What you must understand that is that extensive use of your phone’s screen might lead to damaging it if you are a rough handler. Sometimes carrying a stylus is also bothersome and using it is tedious. So in order to make it easy to send umpteen emails or browse the Internet using your Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it makes more sense to use a Bluetooth Keyboard.

Ultra-thin Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard & Case for Samsung Galaxy NexusThe Ultra-thin Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard & Case for Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one accessory which is a great buy. Affordable, functional and stylish this Keyboard is brought to you by Naztech, a well known brand in the world of mobile phone accessories. It is a sliding keyboard as its name suggests. Once you start using it, you will never want to use the on screen keyboard of your phone ever again. It has a QWERTY keyboard which comes with two additional buttons—one for Home and the other for Search. This Bluetooth accessory runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. You can charge the accessory using a USB cable and via the USB port which is found on the keyboard. It has a switch which enables you to switch the keyboard on and off and all you need to is snap your Nexus inside the case which comes with the keyboard and it is ready to use. It is compact since you the keyboard is only visible when you want to use it and hence you slide it out. This keyboard helps you save space and it is lightweight. You can easily carry it wherever you want to.

Some of the best features of the accessory which give you added advantages include:

  • The keyboard which can be slid in and out completely.
  • The user friendly feature which makes it compatible with all email applications, blogging platforms and web browsers.
  • The extra buttons for Search as well as Home are added functions which help you work faster.
  • The switch which enables you to switch the phone on and off helps you extend the keyboard’s battery life. You only switch it on when you need it.

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  1. Will says:

    Only for iphone
    now when will a device like this actually come out for the galaxy nexus or evo design or any similar phone.

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