Try the Naztech N301 Extended Life Battery Pack Charger for Your iPhone 4/4S

Apple iPhone 4/4S

If I say that the Apple iPhone 4S is an amazing mobile device, it will be an understatement. With the Siri app, iOS and the dual core A5, it does much more than any other mobile device can ever think of. The phone has a power efficient battery which promises an outstanding performance. You can now keep making calls, send emails and text as well as browse the Internet and play endless games with your iPhone. If you feel the battery is running out, there are many accessories which help you charge it without much effort. Even if you are traveling, you can opt to use extended batteries for support or opt for this Apple iPhone 4/4S Extended Life Battery Pack Charger from Naztech.

Naztech Extended Life Battery Pack Charger for Apple iPhone 4/4SThis Apple iPhone 4/4S Extended Life Battery Pack Charger from Naztech ensures that your iPhone does not run out of power when you are on a long flight, driving long distances or enjoying a camping trip over an extended weekend. You can carry this charger any where you go. The charger ensures that your phone enjoys an extended talk time of seventeen hours more than what it does now. You can even listen to music while you travel long distance with your iPhone. You need not carry a separate MP# player or iPod. With this charger, you can now enjoy forty hours of audio entertainment or can watch videos and streaming links for an additional eleven hours.

It is compact and easy to use. It is small and fits your palm easily so if you plan to carry it in flight, it will fit inside your laptop bag or handbag. It is especially designed for users who are always on the go. The N301 just weighs 65 gm and gives a result worth 1800 mAh of power. The charge time it requires is just four to five hours on an average as it sports a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The charger allows you to charge your iPhone from any other computer or laptop also since it supports USB data cable. So you can do away with an additional adapter. It even includes a voltage regulator so that power fluctuation does not damage your mobile device in any manner. You can recharge the battery pack from any electricity source, be it a wall source or a computer also. You can even use a vehicle adapter. The charger pack doubles up as a flashlight which is built-in. There is even an indicator to inform you how much of the charge is left in the device.

With features like these, I am sure you want your Apple iPhone 4/4S Extended Life Battery Pack Charger too. So visit Techie Warehouse and get this charger, other iPhone 4/4S accessories, as well as other mobile device accessories.

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