Troubleshooting Your Motorola Xoom

Troubleshooting Your Motorola Xoom

Are you facing troubleshooting problems with your Motorola Xoom? If yes, then read on to learn more about new ways of handling your device to make it flawless.

Display-Guided Help

You can change the display settings of your Motorola Xoom, by bringing changes in Animation, Brightness, Screen-Orientation and by setting screen time out. In order to change the animation settings, you will have to open a dialog box where you can incorporate the changes and indicate whether you want to enjoy animated transitions for certain effects (such as opening menus) or for all the effects that are supported (including while navigating from one screen to another).

To set the animation, you need to touch ‘Apps’ and then go to ‘Settings’, followed by touching the ‘Screen’ option which will lead you to ‘Animation settings’.

Again, for adjusting display brightness, you’ll have to go to ‘Apps’ and then ‘Settings’ followed by the ‘Screen’ option and then touch brightness to adjust the brightness level. It is advised that you check the “Auto brightness” level, as this will adjust the brightness level automatically, depending upon the existing lighting conditions.

You can set the screen orientation by touching ‘Apps’ followed by ‘Settings’, touching ‘Screen’ and then check ‘Auto Rotate screen’ to switch the orientation of the screen even as you turn the device upright or sideways. In order to set the screen timeout, you can turn off the gadget’s display, after the final touch of the screen. It is advised that you set the Screen timeout to the lowest tolerable setting, where the screen will turn off, but not interrupt you while you are running applications or reading emails.

For changing the wallpaper you can touch “+” located in the top right corner of the home screen. Once you get the ‘Touch Wallpapers’ option, you can select ‘Live wallpapers’ to use animated, richer and interactive backgrounds. You can touch Gallery, if you wish to use a picture that you may have captured through your camera or even if you have copied the picture to your phone. Once you have selected one, you can touch the ‘save’ option to set a gallery image as your wallpaper. On the other hand, you can simply touch Wallpapers, if you wish to use the wallpapers that come preloaded with the device. Following this you can simply touch ‘Set wallpaper’ to finish.

In order to add shortcuts, widgets and for other customization, you can touch the plus symbol”+” in the home screen’s top right hand corner.

Once you have done that, you can add a widget by tapping on Widgets, which is located in the middle of the screen. Following this, you can scroll to left or right to choose the widget you wish to add. You can either tap and hold the widget and then drag it to the home screen you wish to put it on, or you can tap on the widget to add it to one of the home screens.

In order to add a shortcut, you can click on the App shortcuts tab. Following this, you need to click and hold on the application that you want to add. You can then drag the application to the home screen you want to add it to. Once the App shortcut is on the home screen, you need to Click & Hold the application and then move it around the screen.

If you wish to remove a widget or shortcut, you can touch and hold the item want to remove. The moment it is highlighted you can drag it to the trash can that is located in the top right corner of the screen. You can release the icon when the Tran can turns red.

Performance -Guided Help

If you are want to improve the performance of your Motorola Xoom by maximizing its battery life, then you have to make changes in the settings of your device. You can set the screen brightness level of your device, limit the screen timeout time and turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when you are not using them in order to enhance your gadget’s battery life. It is advised that you power cycle your tablet anytime you notice that it is responding slowly. For this, you simply need to press and then hold Power/Lock on the back of your tablet in order to turn it off/on.

Recently installed applications can also result in slower response times. You will have to uninstall them in case such a thing happens.  In order to uninstall an application, you will have to touch the application in the My applications settings and then touch Uninstall to get rid of it.

In addition to this, you must also remember that your tablet comes with a “Battery use” feature, which lets you view the function that is using most of the battery power. In order to access the battery use feature you will have to touch Apps at the top right corner of your gadget on the home screen, identify the Settings icon and then open the settings menu. Following this you need to touch Applications and then touch Battery use.

Having done this, you can click on the different icons to find which of them are using most of the battery power to check out additional settings or to stop those applications. It is advisable though, that you download and install only the latest software update. Therefore, if you wish to check whether you have the latest software or not, you will have to touch Apps and then touch Settings. Following this, you will have to touch About tablet and then touch System Updates.

If none of the above works, you can reset the factory settings of the device. This will clean the memory buffers and reset the application data and tablet. But before you do that, do remember to keep a backup of the data on your device by touching Apps and then touching the Settings icon. You need to choose Privacy and then touch Factory Data Reset.

If .wma files will not play:

WMA files are proprietary Windows files and are currently not compatible with the Motorola XOOM. Xoom users will have to convert their WMA files to MP3 or consider downloading third party applications from Android market that supports WMA files.

In case, you want to convert WMA files into MP3 by using iTunes, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Download the latest version of iTunes (it can be downloaded for free).
2. Now, install and set up iTunes by simply following all the prompts.

3. Click on Edit and then select Preferences > Import Settings

4. Now you will have to select MP3 Encoder from the Import settings and then drop down and click OK

5. Click File and then add the File to Library and select the WMA File you would like to convert to MP3.

6. Click Open and Click Convert

7. Your WMA File will be converted to MP3

Once you have converted your file to MP3, iTunes will make a copy of the same file and will not replace the file. Hence, you will have two versions of the file (WMA file and MP3).

If you want to transfer files from your PC to your Motorola XOOM then go to the iTunes library of your device and ensure that files converted by you are highlighted. Following this, you need to click ‘File’ and then select ‘Show in windows explorer’.

Troubleshooting tips:

You can press and hold both lock/power button and the up-volume key for three seconds, in case your device is not responding.

Reset: But in case you want to reset your tablet to factory settings and then remove all the data on your device, then go to the home screen and select Apps >Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset. Back up your data first before resetting. 

XOOM won’t turn on or display stops responding: Before you troubleshoot your device, you must ensure that your Motorola XOOM is fully charged. Although it is unlikely that the display of your device will fail to respond, however in case you are facing such a situation, you can try and restart your XOOM. If the screen still does not respond, you check whether you have removed the shipping screen-protector and any other third-party screen protectors and then retry.

Preventing Xoom from changing orientation: You can lock the screen orientation by simply touching the bottom right corner followed by touching the triangle. You should then choose “Lock screen orientation.”


In order to check the memory available for use on your Xoom, you can go to the home screen and then touch Apps, followed by Settings. Now, scroll down the screen and then touch Storage. The device memory available will be displayed in the Internal storage section.

In order to view available and used RAM, you will have to go to the home screen and then touch Apps, followed by Settings and scrolling down the screen and then touching Manage Applications. Once you have done that, you will have to touch Running. The used and available RAM will be listed at the bottom under RAM.

Forgot your Google Account password?

In case you have forgotten your Google Account password you can make an effort to recover it by simply logging on to the Google website. For this, you will have to open your web browser on your device and then go to Forgot Google Account password. Now you can enter your email address or user name to sign in to your Google Account. You will then be prompted to complete the word verification process. Just enter the characters that you notice on your screen and then click Submit.

Once you have done this, you will receive an email on your alternate email address mentioned by you at the time of creating your Google Account. You will have to follow the instructions provided in the email to reset your password.

In case you do not have an alternate email address or are finding it difficult to access the email account you had used to create your Google Account, you can reset your Google Account after twenty four hours by simply answering the security question for password recovery.

Master Reset / Factory Data Reset

In order to perform a factory reset, you will have to go to the home screen of your device and then touch Apps, followed by Settings, Privacy and then the Factory data reset. You will have to check the Erase USB storage box in case you wish to remove all the contents stored by you. Following this, you need to touch Reset tablet and simply follow the onscreen instructions.

External factory reset: If you are facing problems in navigating through the menu and hence perform a factory data reset, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Ensure that your tablet is turned off.
  2. Turn on the tablet, while the tablet is showing the Motorola logo, press the volume down key.
  3. Keep pressing the volume down key till “Android recovery text” shows up in the top left corner of the device.
  4. Press volume up key to place the tablet in Android recovery mode.
  5. While the tablet continues to show Android recovery screen, remember to press and hold the power button.
  6. Now till the time power button is pressed, also press and release the volume up key.
  7. You will be prompted with the wipe data/factory reset option.
  8. Use the volume down button and then scroll down to “Wipe data/factory reset”.
  9. Now, press the power button to select an option.
  10. Then scroll down to select “Yes, delete all user data”.
  11. Again use the power button to select.
  12. Finally, press the Power button to reboot.

While the review was not comprehensive we hope it solves any potential problems you may be dealing with. If this doesn’t cover any issues you may be having feel free to comment below to discuss with our Techies available to help.

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  2. Terry Day says:

    I just got my xoom for christmas. Today I went to turn it on and the screen is frozen. It says starting fastboot protocol support. It’s been like that for about 5 hours now. I tried to shut it down but it wont respond. Help please!!!!!!

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    why does my xoom say to many server redirects when i try to open the website?

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    My Xoom will not turn on. I’ve tried the fix it suggestion given to hold the up volume key & power key & nothing happens please help

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