Trident Kraken Case Review for Motorola Droid X

Trident is an upcoming company that offers some uniquely designed sturdy cases that are capable of providing protection to your handset. One of their latest offerings is the Kraken case for Motorola Droid X. While the sleek design of your phone will not get affected thanks to the design of the case, you will also be able to access all the functions and features of your handset. So, if you are planning to change your phone’s mobile case or purchase a fresh piece, then you can purchase a new Kraken case right away.

One of the prime features to look out for in the case is its velvet touch toughness. While its interior is made from impact resistant polycarbonate, the exterior is essentially a soft-touch-non-slip coating that adds the smooth and smooth and silky feel to the case. Another good part of having this case is that it offers apt security for your handset. You will find it easier to grip your Droid X and be able to slide your device inside and outside the pocket with as much ease.

Trident Kraken Case for Droid X by MotorolaThe case also offers dual Level Anti-Dust Protection. So, if you wish to safeguard your mobile phone from dust, then you can think of purchasing this case for your Droid X. It has a specially designed with a transparent 3M premium PET screen protector which is built into the top cover. Hence, it provides protection on different levels. Not only is it anti-glare but the case is also anti-dust and saves your mobile phones from scratches. This particular mobile case is also available with an attached dust filter which helps in blocking even minute dust particles.

It also comes with a dust and Silicone Cover. You can access the headphone jack, sensors, connectors and switches of your mobile phone without much difficulty. In addition, the case also safeguards the camera lens and the logo of the mobile phone with the help of the transparent durable PET film. The case will make your phone portable, thanks to the inner polycarbonate shell. These cases are available in a variety of colours such as red, blue, yellow, green and black.

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