Top Five Hottest Applications for Your Android Phone

Motorola Droid Bionic

The battle of the Operating Systems has only just begun. We are talking about iPhones and Android phones and mind you, with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Droid 4 soon to release by early next month, the scales might just tilt in favor of Android. Android Market is also heating up at lightning speed. With amazing new apps being added almost every week, let us just glance briefly at some of them which are very popular.

1)      Advanced Task Killer

With most Android phones, users find a common problem in fast draining batteries. Most Android apps lack a close button and this does not allow the user to shut them down or close them when they move on to the homepage or some other application. Also, when you start your Android phone, there are applications which run on each startup without your knowledge. You can very well imagine how taxing this is on your battery charge and it ends in depleting the phone’s battery faster.  This is where the Advanced Task Killer comes in which allows you to manage your tasks like never before. Now you can end or shut down the apps which you do not use frequently and save your battery from draining faster. You also get to manage your phone applications in a manner which is less taxing on its battery life. Although many people using the latest versions of Android do debate on this app’s functionality, most veterans suggest that this is one of the most popular and important Android Application which you must download.

It is simple to use as all you need to do is open this tool and glance at all the applications running on your phone. You can then un-check the apps which you do not want to kill and then select the option ‘Kill Select Apps’ which then stops and shuts down the ones selected. Is that not amazing?

2)      Dropbox

With this feature which makes the most of cloud service you can sync your folder of files and how! This app allows you to automatically sync a folder of many files between different computers, even if they run on different operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac. It means that any file which you save on your Android phone to Dropbox gets instantly saved to your computer and the Dropbox website as well. You get the advantage of up to 2GB of free storage and you can even opt to subscribe for space up to 100 GB. In case your computer or phone is damaged and you lose the files, you need not worry as all your files are always available to you from the Dropbox website which is highly secured. Even when your phone does not have a connection, you can still access your files on Dropbox.

This app allows you to share your files simply and you can even share as well as invite your friends to view your folder on Dropbox. You can have photo galleries created which can be open for view to your friends. What is the best feature about this app is that you can have the files you need always at hand, even when you are on the move and you need not even carry your laptop for it. This feature allows you to travel light in the truest of all senses. It is cloud computing in its best!

3)      Shazam

Are you passionate about songs and music? Love impressing your friends with your knowledge about music, international and national? Then you must know more about this application. It helps you to get more information about any song you hear and develop a liking for. Imagine this: You are at a lounge or café with your friends and happen to hear an amazingly catchy tune there. You want to know which song it is playing and all you need is Shazam. Open this app on your Android phone and hold it near the source of music for as little as only thirty seconds. Shazam has its own music database and this intelligent app compares the recorded song with its database collection. It will then return a match to the song you want to know about. As easy as that!

All it does is tag the song, find its name and also the artist who sang it. This app also remembers the music or song you tagged so it becomes easy for you to download or buy it from the Android Market when you want to. It works easily and effectively with recorded music though will not recognize your voice lilting the same notes!

4)      Photoshop Express

The latest Android smartphones boast of two cameras, one in the rear and one in the front to enable video chats. The rear cameras are generally of better resolutions and if you have your phone with you while you are traveling, you can leave behind your camera and still feel trigger happy! With applications like the Photoshop Express you can edit your images creatively now! This app is available for download in the Android Market and it allows you to fix photos, straighten them, rotate and flip them, as well as adjust their texture and color. With many effects and filters, you can now even infuse your personal touch and create enhancements which are truly eye-catching. If you wish to give the images taken on your phone a better and polished look, you can even add borders to them It is a very smart Android phone app and has easy to implement features. Once you open the app, you are greeted by a blue Adobe screen which is followed by all the saved photos on your Android phone. You can start editing right from there on to give tweak or rectify your photos. You can even opt to upload them from this screen.

5)      Google Docs    

Just in case you do not know about this application already or do not have a first-hand account/experience of using it yet, this app has some amazing features. With Google Docs you can now do a lot more with your Android phone than ever before. It allows you to edit, create, upload as well as share your documents. It is now specifically designed for Android and now it allows you to find your docs really fast. With this app, you can do a lot more. Some of the benefits which this app allows you include:

  • Take an image of any printed text and then upload it by converting it to a Google doc
  • Share the docs you want to with anyone in your mail list or contacts
  • View presentations, docs and PDFs on your phone
  • Edit or modify spreadsheets from your phone

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