Top 5 Best Screen Protectors for Your Verizon or AT&T iPhone 4

5 Best Screen Protectors for Your iPhone 4

Do you wish to better protect the sparkling screen of your iPhone 4? If yes, then it’s the right time to look for a screen protector for your gadget. Read on to find out more about the best 5 screen protectors, available in the market, for your iPhone 4.

Universal Standard Screen Protector

The Universal Standard Screen Protector is ideal for your gadget if you wish to safeguard it against scratches. The universal design of the accessory fits screens of size 4.125″ x 3″ or even smaller. The best part about this screen protector is that it can be easily applied and removed as well and it does not interfere with your device’s touchscreen functions. It also comes with anti-glare capabilities.

AT&T-Verizon iPhone 4 10 Pack Invisible Screen Protector Guard

The ScreenWhiz cell phone screen protectors provide ultimate protection for your iPhone 4. Its simple application and removal make them ideal for purchasing. ScreenWhiz makes use of micro thin, polymer overlays in order to safeguard your iPhone 4. Along with the screen protector, users are also provided with a cleaning cloth and application card. The pack contains as many as ten universal screen protectors
that measure 4×3 inches.

AT&T-Verizon iPhone 4 Gadget Guard Full Body & Screen Protector

The Invisible Gadget Guard screen protectors are basically thin, clear covers that have been designed to offer protection against scratches and scuff marks. The guard provides good fit for your device. The adhesive (water-activated) stays on your gadget and will not leave any sticky marks or patches behind when removed from your iPhone 4. It simple and easy installation makes it an ideal screen protector for your gadget.

5 Best Screen Protectors for Your iPhone 4

AT&T-Verizon iPhone 4 Gadget Guard Pre-Cut Screen Protector

You can also think of protecting your Apple iPhone 4 by making use of an Invisible Gadget Guard clear protective film. These are completely clear and won’t peel or lose color. They can be removed easily from your device and won’t leave a single trace or mark behind. What is really impressive about these screen protectors is that they offer flawless and perfect fit for your device.

Scosche iPhone 4 Mirror Screen Protector – 2 Pack

In case you are on the lookout for smart yet protective screen protectors for your iPhone 4, then you can easily think of getting Scosche Mirrored Screen Protectors. These screen protectors are ultra thin and can be easily applied to your gadget. It has a reflective surface that doubles as a pocket mirror. It keeps dust at bay and safeguards your device from scratches and marks. is offering all of the above screen protectors. Visit our website now to place your orders.



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