Top 3 Waterproof Cases for LG Optimus 4G

When you buy the latest LG Optimus 4G, it is essential to shield it from various adversities. Apart from accidental bumps and shocks, the mobile phone is often damaged due to water. Therefore, in order to protect the device one should procure water –resistant cases that are not only durable but ensures complete safety. Lets check out some today!

Otterbox 2000 Waterproof Case for LG Optimus 4GThe Otterbox 2000 Waterproof Case for LG Optimus 4G is quite tough and durable, thereby provides adequate protection to your phone. Apart from water-resistant, the case also saves your mobile device from bumps, jerks, and other weather conditions. The presence of a cord makes it easier for the user to carry this case. This box is quite popular among all the water-sports lovers as it assures complete protection of your device. Also available in black, clear, and yellow.

DryCase Waterproof Case for LG Optimus 4GIf you feel the need of a water-resistant case that will allow you to display your sleek mobile device, then DryCase Waterproof Case for LG Optimus 4G can be a great option. The most interesting feature of this case is that it enables you to access the camera even when the mobile device is carefully sealed in the case. The case is provided with special vacuum seal technique. Once you pump air into the case and then seal it, the case becomes completely water-resistant. Now even if you immerse it in deep water, your phone is safe. An armband accompanies this water –resistant case. Now, all the sport –lovers can enjoy their water-sports by keeping their favorite gadget attached to them.

Arkon Bicycle or Motorcycle Mount Water Resistant Case for LG Optimus 4GThose who usually travel by motorbike or bicycle or any other open vehicle find it extremely difficult to protect their mobile from rain or other adverse weather conditions. Well, you can leave aside all your worries and try new Arkon Bicycle or Motorcycle Mount Water Resistant Case for LG Optimus 4G. This particular water- proof case can be used with any vehicle with cylindrical posts or frames. The case can be easily fitted into handlebars of various sizes and shapes. The special technique enables you to use your touch screen even through the case. The presence of foam insert and waterproof fasteners completely secures your device from any possible damage. A small outlet at the bottom of the holder of this case allows charging your device without any difficulty.

Therefore, all the water-sport lovers and adventure seekers can now indulge in your favorite sport while these exclusive water-resistant cases protect their mobile devices. You can find these waterproof cases, as well as other mobile device accessories at Techie Warehouse now!

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