Top 3 Kindle Fire Covers

The Kindle Fire has been declared as one of the most sought after products on Amazon. com. Lighter and compact, this tablet has won many hearts and revolutionized the world of e-readers. If you are looking for compatible but stylish covers to protect your Kindle Fire from damage and dust, then it makes good sense to first know which are the top three options for you.

Verso Kindle Fire Cover, Prologue AntiqueThe Verso Kindle Fire Cover, Prologue Antique is a case which has a certain old worldly charm about it. The Antique cover as it is aptly named, are custom designed to give the right and snug for to your Kindle Fire. The corners of the cover use elastic and this makes them flexible as well as stretchable. These elastic corners also allow you to charge your Fire even with the cover on. If you do not want to carry an additional office bag with you, then this cover is just right for you—it comes with a pocket in the insides which allows you to keep important documents you can need. The interior of the cover features a soft microfiber lining and this protects your Kindle Fire from any scratches or damage to the screen. The cover also features an extra durable exterior which ensure fool proof protection for your device.

Kindle Fire Cover of the Artist Series- CitiesVerso has another option in the Kindle Fire Cover of the Artist Series. The Artist Series of covers are inspired by many artists and each artist’s unusual style has given birth to a uniquely designed cover in this series. Take for example this Cities design. It is elegant and stylish but does not compromise on the protective aspect. It is ideal for those who are looking for a contemporary cover for their Kindle Fire.

Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for Kindle Fire CoverThe Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for Kindle Fire Cover is a design which is thought provoking and elegant. It is a combination of a traditional leather cover and contemporary folio. The C.E.O. Hybrid has a lid cover which makes possible another transformation—that from a folio to a stand which helps you change the screen of the device at a convenient angle. The cover even features a hand strap which is one more innovation. This innovation allows a better grip on the device and cover and coupled with the elastic strap, which is there to help you close/open the case, you have a great accessory for your tablet. This multifunctional cover is lined on the insides with a soft micro-suede. This ensures that there are no scratches on the screen due to unnecessary friction. The cover is padded on the outside which ensures extra protection and impact resistance to a certain extent. This cover has amazing features and hence is an instant best seller.

To buy any of the top three covers for your Kindle Fire, all you need to is visit Techie Warehouse, which is a website offering a wide array of accessories for your mobile devices.

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