Top 3 Affordable Backup Batteries for HTC Sensation

The HTC Sensation is a great music phone. It works on the Android platform and comes with a great headset, the iBeats. It uses a standard Li-Ion battery of 1600mAh and gives a decent talk time of 11 hours on a 2G network but a little disappointing 6 hours and 50 minutes on 3G. As is the case with all Android phones, battery can pose issue if you use too many applications all at once. So, it is a good idea to purchase a good quality but affordable backup batteries and/or Power Packs for your phone.

Seidio Innocell HTC Sensation Extended Battery for HTC SensationThe Seidio Innocell HTC Sensation Extended Battery for HTC Sensation is the outcome of years of research by Seidio. It uses the best Japanese Cells which promise safety, good performance and a quality product to its users. This extended battery from Seidio does not need a replacement door and fits in the battery space of your phone easily. It gives an additional ten to fifteen percent of battery life, compared to your phone’s original battery.

Naztech 1900mAh MicroUSB Back Up Battery Pack for HTC SensationThe Naztech 1900mAh MicroUSB Back Up Battery Pack for HTC Sensation is also a good option for those who are looking for an extended battery or backup battery. It can charge your phone and give it an additional talk time over and above the original battery. This accessory features an LED which indicates the charge as well as the battery life which is remaining. All you need to do is push the test button gently and you have all the information you need on the battery status. This is a sleek Battery Pack and hence you can carry it along conveniently where ever you go, be it on flights, cars, hiking or even camping. The battery is designed in such a way that it is compact enough to fit in a lady’s purse and even in your pockets.

1250mAh Li-Ion Replacement Battery for HTC SensationThere is another option in the 1250mAh Li-Ion Replacement Battery for HTC Sensation. This is also very light in weight and is compatible with all accessories which manufactured originally by HTC.

With so many options for your HTC Sensation you do not need to worry about using up the battery charge too fast. Try any of the top three affordable backup batteries for your phone and make the most of it! Visit Techie Warehouse to buy your backup battery, as well as any other mobile device accessory!

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