Top 2 Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T i777 Chargers

One thing which is common in all Android smartphones is that with so many features, HD quality, games and applications, the battery drains out faster. The same applies to the Samsung Galaxy S II and the phone’s Game Hub and Music Hub. It has amazing graphic features which make gaming an out of the world experience for you. To extend your phone’s battery life, you can opt from a host of accessories which ensure that you can use your phone for extended time periods.

Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T) Desktop Docking StationThe Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T) Desktop Docking Station allows you to enjoy the best multimedia experience with your phone. It has an in-built speakerphone so you can drive and talk at the same time. This docking station allows you to view a video on your phone both in portrait as well as landscape modes. You can conveniently listen to music or send emails while your phone gets charged using this docking station. The accessory comes with the convenience of one 3.5 mm plug meant for stereo headsets. Carry it to office or keep it at home. You can even carry it in your vehicle.

Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T) Battery Charging StationThe Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T) Battery Charging Station comes with a stand. It is ideal to charge your spare battery and at the same time doubles up as a stand for your phone. You can view a movie or read your emails and listen to music even as your phone is being charged. It is compact and easy to carry it around. The indicator tells you when your battery is being charged and the accessory comes with an in-built battery of 1650mAH. The charging kit includes a wall charger along with a battery charger.

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