Top 2 Samsung Epic 4G Touch Bluetooth Speakerphone for Hands Free

What do you do when your Samsung Epic 4G Touch rings while you’re driving your car? It is obvious that you park your car at the side of the road to receive your important phone call or disconnect insignificant calls. This not only interrupts your driving but also diminishes the purpose of carrying a mobile phone which is supposed to ensure your availability all the time. Therefore, it is necessary that you carry hi-tech Bluetooth Speakerphones that enable you to receive your phone calls without any interruption. Lets review the Top 2  Samsung Epic 4G Touch Bluetooth Speakerphones for Hands Free:

BlueAnt Supertooth-3 Bluetooth Speakerphone for Samsung Epic 4G TouchThe BlueAnt Supertooth-3 Bluetooth Speakerphone for Samsung Epic 4G Touch. The most unique feature of this device is the presence of a particular Text-to- Speech software that informs you of the number or the name of the callers. If you are interested in receiving the call, the mention of the word “OK” enables you to accept the call without getting distracted while driving. The Bluetooth Speakerphone has Digital Signal Processing software that isolates noise or any outside sound, ensuring proper sound clarity and audio precision. Even if you increase the speed of the car, this noise isolation system decreases all the extra noise. It is quite easy to install this device.  The device is provided with a metal clip which can be attached to the sun visor of your car and the presence of magnets at the back firmly fastens the speakerphone. The voice prompts, which are available in six different languages, enable you to connect the speakerphone to your mobile device and then upload the address book.

BlueAnt S1 Bluetooth Handsfree for Samsung Epic 4G Touch The BlueAnt S1 Bluetooth Handsfree for Samsung Epic 4G Touch makes your life easy. The voice prompts inform you about the incoming calls and just by saying “OK” or “Accept Call” or “Answer” enables you to receive a call. The special noise isolation technique reduces noise and other external sound, ensuring smooth sound clarity. The device is provided with multiple points that can connect more than one phone and receive the one that calls. Thus, to receive uninterrupted calls it is essential to possess the latest Bluetooth speakerphone.

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