TMobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 Seidio Active w/ Kickstand Case Review

tmobile galaxy s2 t989 seidio

If you have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S2 T989, it is sure that you would like to keep it save and sound by giving it extra protection. For this purpose, the Seidio Active case with a kickstand provides ample protection to your Galaxy SII, here are some of the main features are described below:

  • It’s a two layered case like other cases.
  • It comes with the weight of 35.5g with the Length of 131.5mm and width of 73.5mm and depth: 14mm.
  • It can be acquired in three colors black, sapphire blue, purple.
  • Active is layered case so the inner case is manufactured with silicone which keeps the phone safe from shocks and bumps at the same time.
  • The outer case of Active has been manufactured with polycarbonate which keeps the phone safe from impacts as well.
  • This case comes with the kick stand which provides effortless view with landscape orientation. However, it doesn’t provide any support for portrait orientation.
  • It is also integrated with the option of belt clip holster.
  • Due to heavy borders, it gives extra protection to screen in case of falling down.

The above described features are enough to make sure that the Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 Seidio Active case with kickstand worth your money and safety needs.

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