Google Nexus S Battery Life Quick Tips & Tricks

Google Nexus S is one of those Android phones which are an edge in technology that drives Google and all its subsidiaries. However it has been known that this phone though has some of the most awesome and remarkable features, yet with the excessive multitasking, the battery life gets reduced drastically. This can be prevented in a lot of ways. First of all, there are some always on applications which are always on. This might include the screen saver and the wi-fi application. Therefore whenever you are not using the wi-fi connection, make sure that it has been turned off. There are some mobile feeds which are always on and always make sure that if you do not need them, then have them turned off. If you turn off all the always on data, then that is considered as one of the biggest battery savers.

Another great way to save the battery time is by reducing the screen saver time and let range between fifteen seconds to one minute. You should also turn off all the window animations because they too eat up a lot of battery time. Also, always use a static wallpaper. Using a live wall paper also causes a lot of battery drain. Turn off the 4G, WiFi, GPS and the Bluetooth when they are not in use. Most of the times, all these applications simultaneously run on mobile and there is a lot of battery usage because of this. This is the reason why disabling the notifications from these services helps save a lot of battery power too. It is well known that the applications that are used to access the internet update the information on the mobile are also responsible for the loss of excess battery power. Managing theses application on the main screen will help last the battery longer.

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