The Top 3 Best NEW iPad 3 Accessories to Buy Today – (3rd Generation)

New iPad 3 White

The NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) is out today and more than one million people will line up in Apple stores to endure the long wait for the latest mobile device in the post-pc world.

While making the decision to buy a NEW iPad is easy for most people who want it without hesitation; it can be challenging on which accessories to buy for your iPad only because you want the best at the right price. I’ll take the time to go over several of the Best iPad 3 (3rd generation) accessories you should own right away at a fair price below:

Magnetic Smart Covers

Smart covers are inexpensive (as low as $18.99), durable, slim and handy to own for the NEW iPad 3. The built in magnet activates the sleep mode instantly when you flip it closed. Acts as a natural Screen Protector (although it is still recommended you own one) and instantly cleans your screen when you close and open the cover. Lastly, the cover acts as a stand giving you a perfect viewing angle for any desk, table or flat surface. Also available in a wide range of colors!

New iPad 3 Magnetic Smart Covers

Screen Protectors

Just when you thought you were going to get away with a Smart Cover you also need to get a NEW iPad 3 Screen Protector which is self explanatory. You will protect your screen and hold a solid resale value since nobody would go out and buy a used car with a scratched up windshield.

NEW ipad 3 screen protector

Cases, Covers & Skins

Some people are concerned that a Smart Cover isn’t good enough and they need ultimate protection especially those who travel or bring the iPad to work. There are too many variances to consider what is the best NEW iPad 3 (3rd generation) case so instead let’s just go over the different brands and styles.

You can either purchase a Silicone Case or TPU Case and both are great economical choices. Some of the finer brands you could go for are the Otterbox iPad 3 iProtection, Incipio iPad 3 cases, ZAGG iPad 3 cases and even the Belkin ipad 3 cases are a great pick. I don’t want to tell you because everyone has their own preference.

Otterbox iPad 3 iProtection caseWhile I could go on and on about different accessories for the 3rd generation iPad, the best thing you can do is check out our accessories and ask our TW Customer Care team any questions you might have about your NEW iPad.

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