The NEW iPad 3, 3rd Generation (16, 32, 64 GB) Quick Review – 2012

Apple has taken the iPad to the next level with the NEW iPad 3, people also named it as the iPad HD which apparently didn’t happen. Last year the statistics revealed that companies are abruptly moving towards the Post-PC era. The statistic further revealed that 172 million post-PC devices where sold and the share of apple was 76%. There are several new changes which have been included in new iPad and described below:

  • The NEW iPad has been induced with the Retina display technology.
  • The NEW iPad supports the resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels which is the highest resolution which has been put into mobile device.
  • The NEW iPad has been integrated with the new dual core A5X processing chip which further supports quad core graphics.
  • The NEW iPad has been integrated with house shooter camera of 5 mega pixels which is same as in 4S.
  • The camera allows auto focus, auto exposure and integrated with 5 pieces lens.
  • Another new feature is the voice detection; you can easily write what you speak by just clicking the mic button.

Last but not least, you are provided with the option to roam anywhere in the world and select any of the major carriers: Rogers, Verizon, Bell, AT&T and Telus. All above additions makes the new version of iPad 3 ideal and another step forward. There are lots of critics out there who criticize this iPad is not a revolutionary device but I strongly disagree because if those critics went to the Apple Store on March 16th do you think they’d buy the iPad 2 over the iPad 3… of course not!

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