The Best Retractable Car Charger for Samsung Wave Y

The Samsung Wave Y is supposed to have a better battery power. It features a 1200 mAh Standard Li-on battery, which gives you a talk time of about six and half hours. But when you are traveling and are unable to use a wall outlet to charge your phone battery, the charger which comes along with the phone does not come handy. This is when you need a travel or car charger.

Naztech Reactor Retractable Micro USB Car Charger for Samsung Wave Y Naztech is a well known name when it comes for travel solutions for your mobile devices. Techie Warehouse’s website features most of the Naztech products, especially chargers. The Naztech Reactor Retractable Micro USB Car Charger for Samsung Wave Y is one which just refuses to get tangled. It is a retractable charger as its name suggests. It includes a USB port which helps you charge your phone while you are traveling and you wish to charge a second device. This accessory helps you save time as well as money since you can now charge devices for the price and time of one. The cable measures 36 inches when it is extended to its full length. If you want to retract the cable, all you need is the Rapid Retract Button of the charger which when pressed, retracts the full length of the cable in a jiffy. The charger also features an LED indicator which informs you of the status of the charge. The charger is designed to look sleek and is portable so you can use it on your travels. It is not uncomfortable to carry it along when you are on the move.

The charger ensures that your device does not get damaged due to overcharging since it uses a circuitry which is highly advanced. The charger charges your Samsung Wave Y faster than the standard chargers available and is a good replacement for the original charger in case you lose it.

You can check out this charger, and other mobile device accessories by visiting Techie Warehouse now!

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