The Best LG Revolution 2 in 1 Charger: Desktop Cradle Charger Station for Extended Battery Life

LG OEM Desktop Cradle Charger with Smart Charge for LG VS910 RevolutionAre you on the lookout for desktop cradle chargers that you can use for the LG VS910 Revolution? In that case, you have to go through this article or visit our website for more details.

You can use the LG OEM Desktop Cradle Charger with Smart Charge for LG VS910 Revolution if you are on the lookout for smart desktop cradle chargers which can be used for charging your model. Now, let us go through the features of this cradle charger:

  • A two in one charger
  • Includes a spare battery as well
  • A home travel charger is also included in this kit
  • Easy to use
  • Offers a comfortable reading angle
  • Apt at holding your gadget firmly in place
  • Proficiently charges your device as well as the spare battery simultaneously.

This desktop charger can be used if you want to charge your extra battery and your handset at the same time. It can also be used to transfer data from your cell phone to other devices; for example, a PC with the aid of a data cable. The phone would automatically be launched into multimedia mode as soon as it is placed in the dock. The 4.3” external screen also make movies as well as videos, far more interesting as well as entertaining. Viewing of digital pictures as well as the time is also made easier with the aid of this unique accessory. In multimedia mode, you can listen to music, display the weather and also use your handset in the form of an alarm clock.


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