The Best Apple iPhone 4/4S Battery Cases Reviewed: Double Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Among all the smartphones, iPhone 4 is selling like hot cakes. Not only does it have an amazing design and hosts of applications to use, you can purchase awesome iPhone accessories to personalize or better your iPhone like never before. To ensure a longer life for your iPhone 4/4s, invest in iPhone screens and phone cases. What you must remember is that the more apps you install, the faster your battery will drain. iPhones are also known for their short battery lives in the beginning of a new IOS then after the next update it’s back on track.  To increase the life of the battery, you must ensure that it is kept cool. Here come in the battery covers.

To ensure a better battery life, invest in an iPhone battery case. These iPhone 4/4S battery cases extend battery life & protect your phone. These battery cases have a built-in extender which ensures your battery gives you additional talk time. To find out which of the battery cases would meet your requirements, read on!

mophie juice plusTry out the Mophie Juice Pack Plus which more than doubles your phone’s battery life. You choose from colors like magenta, black, yellow and cyan, it comes with enhances the sound by acting like a virtual speaker box so you can enjoy better sound quality. It protects your phone from all three sides and doesn’t cover the mute switch, headphone jack, the front and rear cameras and the flash. So all in all it offers ease of use. It gives your phone battery additional talk time, allows for increased internet use and its embedded electronics does not interfere with the functionality of your phone. Is it not what you have been looking for?

Naztech MFi 1450mAh Power Case

If you are looking for additional power to your battery while you are on the move, sample the Naztech Power Case w/ Kickstand. This slim design case is stylish and has a rubberized finish which is soft to touch. It weighs in light at just 53.5 g and the overcharge protector ensures that your battery is not damaged. It even comes with short circuit protection. Since not all battery cases come with the advantage of a kickstand, this case allows you the luxury to enjoy all your favorite iPhone apps by ensuring a stable power backup.

Incipio iPhone offGRID

The Incipio OFFGrid which is a glossy black 1450mAh Backup Battery Case for your iPhone 4/4S allows you easy installation. Although the opening of the earphone jack is not too big, what makes this battery case a great buy is the lack of bulk and its slim design. It uses cutouts so you can easily access the phone’s buttons. Even the mute button is easier to access with this battery case. The power button which is located at the bottom left edge allows you to light up the four blue LED indicators which tell you about the current charge level easily. The built-in interior dock connector also doubles up as an adapter so you can easily charge or sync your phone with any USB-A port.  The oval cutout for the camera sees to it that there is no flash interference from the case.

Now that you know about the best Apple iPhone 4/4S Battery Cases, choose the one that fits your bill and you will be delighted how easily your iPhone battery life is doubled.

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