Techie Warehouse: The CDMA iPhone Will Come to Verizon

Techie Warehouse: iPhone Will Come to VerizonThe last time Verizon Wireless hosted a special event was the introduction of the Droid series. We have no doubt this special event taking place on Tuesday January 11th 2011 will belong to Apple’s iPhone. Rumors of a Verizon iPhone has been going on for over a year.

We do anticipate a CDMA based Verizon iPhone especially considering the recent partnership between Apple & Verizon allowed the iPad to come to Verizon’s stores across the country.

Will the Verizon iPhone take sales away from Android? After carefully analyzing our purchase activity at we have seen incredible momentum from Android phones. The current trend is not showing any possible slowdown.

Comment below in regards whether or not a Verizon iPhone can slow down Android sales?

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