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A New Application for iOS: The Amazing Action Movie FX

The Action Movie FX for iOS is the brainchild of J.J. Abram and is the hard work of Bad Robot Interactive. This is a very funny application which is relatively new. It has been rated as “the funniest application” this … Continue reading

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Try the Naztech N301 Extended Life Battery Pack Charger for Your iPhone 4/4S

If I say that the Apple iPhone 4S is an amazing mobile device, it will be an understatement. With the Siri app, iOS and the dual core A5, it does much more than any other mobile device can ever think … Continue reading

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Is Apple’s iTunes Cloud Storage and Streaming Service Ready for Launch?

Reuters has released a report, which states that Apple has finally finished working on its rumored online music storage and streaming service. Reuters has also claimed that Google is working towards developing a similar kind of service, but the company … Continue reading

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How to Link iPad and iPhone Contacts for Unified Information

Are you using both Gmail and MobileMe or Exchange and Google Accounts or any other mix of multiple accounts on your Apple iPad and iPhone? Do you wish to find out how you can reduce the clutter by linking them … Continue reading

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iPhone Awaiting Apple iWork Suit

What is the use of having a smartphone if it can’t act as a mobile office right in your pocket? Well, if you think that your smartphone can’t do that for you then why not go for Apple’s office suit, … Continue reading

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