Stylus pens for Your HTC Thunderbolt

Stylus pens for your HTC Thunderbolt

Stylus pens pose as an important element regardless of the electronic gadget you have as these pens are popularly used to input commands to mobile device or tablets. Let us go through the stylus pens that can be used on your HTC Thunderbolt.


Just Mobile AluPen Stylus Just Mobile AluPen Stylus for the HTC Thunderbolt

  This stylus pen can be used by everyone. This stylus will allow you to control your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as well. This model can work similarly with all Android phones, Android Honeycomb tablets and all devices that feature a capacitive touch screen. Made of aluminum, AluPen makes writing or drawing an extremely smooth experience. This stylus is available in different colors. You can go in for the color that suits you best.


  • Iconic design
  • Smooth control ensured with the aid of soft rubber nib
  • Quality aluminum construction
  • Can be used on all capacitive touchscreens
  • Work with all iPhone and iPad apps
  • Perfect for painting and drawing applications


Samsung Conductive Stylus Pen Samsung Conductive Stylus Pen for the HTC Thunderbolt

With an attractive finishing of chrome and black, this stylus has been styled in the form of a writing instrument. The tip of this Samsung stylus can stimulate finger touches, swipes or taps. Moreover, your touchscreen will remain free of all fingerprints if you use this stylus pen. You can store this stylus in your pocket or clip it to a protective case. You can speed up interaction with the aid of this Samsung stylus pen and protect your touchscreen from messy fingerprints.


  • Conductive tip of the stylus can simulate a tap, swipe or finger touch
  • Attractive look
  • Hosts a shirt pocket clip
  • Does not leave behind any fingerprints.


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