Stylus Pens Change the LG Revolution Experience

Stylus Pens Change the LG Revolution Experience

Are you on the lookout for stylus pens to bring about changes in your overall touch experience with your LG Revolution? You have to visit our website for new styluses.


Just Mobile AluPen Stylus for LG RevolutionJust Mobile AluPen Stylus, Silver for LG Revolution

Use this model if you are on the lookout for a stylish stylus pen. This model is available in a pencil shaped form, allowing you to gain precise control over your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. This stylus pen will also work with Android Honeycomb tablets, Android handset or devices that feature capacitive touch screens. This model has been sculpted of aluminum, and hosts a rubber nib that make writing as well as drawing a smooth experience.


  • Quality aluminum construction
  • Iconic design
  • Compatible with capacitive touchscreens
  • Can work with iPhone and iPad applications
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Perfect for the painting and drawing applications.

This model is available indifferent shades. You can go for the one that you like most.


Samsung Conductive Stylus Pen for LG Revolution Samsung Conductive Stylus Pen for LG Revolution

With an attractive black and chrome finish, this Samsung Stylus pen has been designed in the form of a writing instrument. Conductive tip of this Samsung stylus stimulates a finger touch, swipe or a tap in order to provide a fuller touch screen environment. It will not leave behind fingerprints, thereby assuring that your model’s screen lasts longer. Apart from its attractive design, this model also host a shirt pocket clip which you can use to put in your stylus in your pocket or clipped to a protective case.


  • Will not leave behind fingerprints
  • Attractive design




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