Steve Jobs & Gizmodo? – Rivalry Over The New Apple iPhone 4

by Xavier Phillips, TW Editor

Despite a war of words between Steve Jobs and Ryan Tate of Gawker Media which owns Gizmodo there is some recent evidence that has surfaced proving that Steve Jobs still has lots of love for Gizmodo and Gawker Media. Below is a screenshot of Apple’s homepage using Gizmodo’s name to credit Apple. Click to enlarge:

The new Apple iPhone 4th Generation is expected to be announced today at 10am Pacific Time. News broke out that the San Mateo County courts are moving forward with the investigation of the iPhone prototype that was announced by Gizmodo’s senior editor Jason Chen.

Thanks to Chen, after paying off an anonymous tipster $5,000 for what was believed to be the next generation Apple iPhone 4G prototype. Apple engineer, Gary Powell lost the prototype in a California beer garden somewhere among Redwood City.

Jason Chen contacted Apple, offering to give it back as long as Apple confirmed it was legitimate. Apple took the phone back… next thing you know a special unit task force breaks down Chen’s door and conducted a formal raid of his apartment seizing a multitude of electronic devices.

Apple now blames Gizmodo for extortion yet they still use Gizmodo’s credits on their Official Homepage. In today’s world of capitalism, there’s a thin line between love and hate.

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