Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G Ballistic SG Case Review

Ballistic HTC EVO Design Shell Gel (SG) Case - Black/Grey Review

If you love your HTC EVO Design, you would surely like to have HTC EVO Design 4G Ballistic SG case for ample protection for your  cell phone. There many features which are induced with this case to ensure the complete safety of your mobile phone and are described below:

  • It comes with the well rounded and tough body.
  • This case is actually multi layered cover case like many other cases.
  • Its weight is 53g, length 131mm, width 70mm and depth is 17mm.
  • Only a black color is available.
  • It consists of 3 layers; the inner layer is also called the skin layer and is made of silicone to prevent the phone from scratches, while the outer shell has been manufactured with polycarbonate to absorb the bumps and shocks while the outermost layer has been integrated with rubber layer to absorb impacts.
  • It has been integrated with thick reinforced corners and edges to ensure the complete protection from impacts facing the screen.
  • The multilayered HTC EVO Design 4G Ballistic SG case offers open access to all jacks and ports.

All of above described specifications ensure the safety of your cell phone. You would not only find the Ballistic SG case worth your money but also very durable and protective for your cell phone against scratches, impacts, bumps and falls over floors. Furthermore we have a huge selection of HTC EVO Design 4G accessories to explore.

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