Seidio vs. Trident vs. Otterbox Cases Review

Are you on the lookout for that one case that serves the purpose of high quality protection and at the same time, offers you an elegant design and form fitness as well? You can select from a range of superior quality cases that are exclusively designed by Seidio, Trident and Otterbox.

Each of these brands allows the user to make their own unique style statement while providing extreme comfort and protection.

The Seidio range offers the Seidio Innocase II Surface, Seidio Innocase Active and the Seidio Premium Horizontal Leather Case. Seidio Innocases are fully compatible with Apple Iphone 4.

If you are looking for a case that offer multiple usage, then take a look at the Seidio Inncoase II Surface. This particular case does not require you to have two different cases. It is a convertible case and you can use the first layer of the case while using your phone on a daily basis, or switch to the rugged layer when you are using the phone under rough conditions. A O.1 mm Ultimate Screen Guard, Innocase II Surface, rugged skin and skeleton and Innocase rugged holster are easily available with the case. While the screen guard protects the screen’s clarity and sensitivity, the 1.5mm thin Innocase II surface helps avoid scratches.  The rugged skin and skeleton helps prevent your phone from dirt and dust. The holster fits a two inch utility belt.

The Innocase Active range is another good option for those who wish to maintain an active lifestyle. Available in Black, Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, sage, burgundy, pearl white, ash grey, rose pink colors, these cases help your mobile phones absorb shocks while making them only slightly bulky. It is essentially a two layered case that features a lightweight and compact rubber polymer along with a hard skeleton for extra protection. The skeleton design helps protect parts including the corners and sides of your device. Its interior casing is carved from highly durable and impact absorbing polymer.

You can also pick up the Premium Horizontal range of leather cases designed by Seidio. They help you fit your mobile phones in the most secure and stylish way possible. Made from durable leather it allows you to secure your phone at your pocket, bag and hip.

If you are carrying mobile phones designed by Samsung or even the IPhone 4 then you must get the Trident range of cases designed especially for Samsung mobile users. You can either select the Cyclops case or the Kraken series or even the Aegis range of cases. The Cyclops range offers ultimate protection without compromising the functionality and sleekness of your phone. These cases have been designed using high impact resistant polycarbonate and shock absorbing silicone outer ring. The beauty of this case is that it will protect your device from scratches, moisture and smudges. It is reliable and comes with a non-slip hold. The Kraken series from Trident has been specially created for iPads. It is a durable polycarbonate case that provides extra padded corners that offers extra drop protection. It has a anti scratch and anti glare PET screen protector that provides protection against smudges, scratches and moisture.

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