Seidio iPhone 5 Surface Combo Case & Metal Kickstand Review

The Seidio iPhone 5 surface combo case & a metal kickstand is the ultimate protection kit for your iPhone. This kit is also referred to as the “SURFACE”. The surface comes with a slim case which has functional features like the metal kickstand. The following are the basic reason that makes the kit the ultimate protection kit for your iPhone 5 accessories:

• The metal kickstand which is inbuilt can be used to support the phone while viewing
photos, videos, calendars and clock display functions giving a hands free experience.
• When not in use the metal stand will snap back in position hence giving the user more
• The 0.12 cm thick casing enables ultimate protection for your iPhone by making it
scratch resistant.
• All the ports, cameras and speakers are easily available hence the casing has no
• The case can be easily taken off for cleaning with no much effort. This makes sure that
your phone is always clean.
• The casing has a very strong grip making it hard for your phone to slide off your hands
and fall off.
• Surface Reveal Hostel that comes along with the surface metal kick stand ensures that
your phone is always clipped in place on your belt, this is one gadget that ensures that
your phone is always safe.

The surface reveal holster should only be used with the surface case only and not any other kinds of case.

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