Seidio Innocase Review for Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 Series

Seidio offers a range of great cases and holsters for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300. The Innocase is also backwards compatible with the Blackberry Curve 8500 series made up of the 8520 and 8530 Models.

Seidio Innocase for Blackberry Curve 3G

Seidio Innocase Available Now

Seidio Innocase Surface is one of the more popular Seidio products which has been crafted from a hard yet flexible material that provides an amazingly thin protective layer without adding bulk as other cases tend to do. Innocase Surface consists of front and back pieces which interlock and fit snugly onto your phone. This signature soft touch finish from Seidio provides you with better grip and greater feel, without attracting lint. It also features precision cutouts for the controls and ports on your BlackBerry Curve which remain open and accessible, even as the power and volume buttons remain covered yet functional. With this case, it is easy to put your BlackBerry Curve in and pull it out of your purse or pocket, while the finger grooves allow for easier gripping.

Seidio Innocase Active X

Seidio Innocase Active X Coming Soon

Seidio Innocase Active X was designed for those who already have an active lifestyle and who wish to maintain it. While adding minimal bulk, Innocase Active X provides you with great shock and impact absorption. This double layered case also features a compact and lightweight rubber polymer with a hard skeleton that is precisely positioned to provide added protection. The skeleton’s arachnid design extends out to provide protection to the vulnerable parts of your BlackBerry Curve, especially at the sides and corners. As such, you get to benefit from maximum protection with minimal thickness that does not interfere with your flash or photo quality.

Seidio Innocase Combo for Blackberry Curve 3G

Seidio Innocase Combo Coming Soon

Seidio Innocase Combo is designed for those who have one phone but multiple cases. This convertible Innocase Combo enables you to eliminate the need for having 2 different cases and comprises of the Ultimate Screen Guard, Innocase Surface, the Rugged Skin and Skeleton and the Innocase Rugged holster. You may use the first layer which is the Innocase Surface for your everyday use. You may then opt for the Rugged Skin and Skeleton which has a locking holster to enable you to hold your phone securely in place when out in rough and rugged conditions.

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