Seidio Droid Bionic Extended Case & Battery: Coming Soon

Droid Bionic Accessories Good news for Android fans… an insider at Seidio has confirmed they will be releasing the Droid Bionic Extended Battery Cases. However, the word is their case is not compatible with the Motorola Extended Extra Capacity Battery #BW8X with the Droid Bionic Door. This is quite surprising considering how long the Droid Bionic has already been out. You will have to purchase the Seidio Droid Bionic Extended Battery & door along with the Droid Bionic Extended Battery Case.

If you’re dying for the Seidio Extended Cases then be patient and wait because there is no ETA given yet. Fortunately, in the meantime we have the Verizon Droid Bionic OEM Snap on & Holster Combo Extended Battery Case as an alternative and it will work with the Motorola #BW8X Droid Bionic Extra Capacity Battery & Door.

Due to high demand for Droid Bionic extended batteries, we anticipate to also introduce the softer skins: Silicone & TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) extended Droid Bionic Skin cases at some point later this month.

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