Sanyo Innuendo Review

The Sanyo Innuendo is a follow-up to the Sanyo Incognito which boasts several modest upgrades and a much more elegant re-design. The Innuendo sports a clean, mirrored face with a hidden keypad and is slimmer. Its camera has 3.2 megapixels and a proximity sensor. In its packaging you should expect to find the phone along with its lithium ion battery, AC adapter and a 1GB microSD card.

In terms of design, the Innuendo has retained the same side-flip design as the Incognito. The mixture of blue and grey has given the phone a touch of style and the phone feels good to hold as well. The back features a soft touch coat of paint which is a marked improvement from the recent Sanyo models that typically have a plastic feel to them. As for its interface, the Sanyo Innuendo runs Sprint’s One Click UI, which makes it one of the best featurephone UI available on the market right now. The device blends elements of social networking like Twitter and Facebook, along with news, sports and entertainment to give you a much more personalized user experience.

The device also has a keypad which glows through the mirrored front when you bring it to life using the lock button at the top. When you flip your phone open, you will find a 2.8” 400 x 240 display, which is nice when you view it indoors, but is almost unreadable when using your phone in direct sunlight. The keyboard in coated in soft touch paint, just as is the back of the phone. The keys are also wide and much more pronounced with good spacing as well which allows for a more enjoyable experience.

In terms of call performance, call quality on the Innuendo is pretty good as callers sound much more natural than expected and they are loud and clear – although a bit hollow at times. The battery lasts a mere 4.5 hours which is enough to get you through the day, but well below what contemporary CDMA featurephones are offering. All in all, the Sanyo Innuendo delivers on what it is designed to do and improves upon many of the let-downs of the Incognito. Its mirrored finish, curvy lines and reworked keypad make this phone very stylish, while its performance is solid all round. While the Innuendo does not stand out with respect to any feature, it also doesn’t really disappoint either.

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