Samsung Working On New AMOLED Display

Samsung Working on New AMOLED Display Samsung has been researching in its bid to create more flexible displays. The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has designed a seamless display that will allow a user to fold the screen in half, and at the same time avoid a crease.

This move by the company will allow the company to produce phones that offer a huge display in the future. Therefore, the moment a user has finished using the display, he/she can simply fold up the AMOLED screen. This will also allow Samsung to produce a phone that is capable of offering a large sized screen with small measurements.

The seamless display is made from two AMOLED panels, silicone rubber, a modular case and a glass cover. The screen did not lose its brightness even after experts at Samsung had folded it screen for a hundred thousand times. Experts noticed that the brightness at center of the display (the point where the two panels meet) reduced by just about 6%. This reduction cannot be noticed by a human eye.

Apparently, Samsung has been trying to create fold-able OLEDs for many months now. The company showcased a concept 3D TV, which uses two fold-able OLED panels in December 2010. On the other hand, in 2009, the company had demonstrated a fold-able mobile phone with two AMOLED panels.

While the new AMOLED display won’t be incorporated in a Samsung handset anytime soon, the company indicated that it will take around two years to use it on a new phone. Samsung is trying to perfect the process before it finally rolls out a gadget featuring its new AMOLED display. This technology will also allow Samsung to put a number of prototype AMOLED screens on display for the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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