Samsung Gravity T T669 Battery Life Tips & Tricks

The Samsung Gravity T T669 has a premium touchscreen which makes it an attractive option for users who are looking for a vibrant display and HD quality. It offers messaging features, email synchronization options, customizable web widgets and a 2MP Camera. Another reason why it is being widely appreciated is because it allows users to add up to 16 GB of additional memory. If you love taking pictures, then you can click as many as you desire and store your favorite pics, videos and songs with ease.

The Samsung Gravity T T669 is a basic phone that has a responsive touch screen. It offers some cool widgets as well. It is a safe bet for users who are fond of having multiple messaging and multimedia options. It offers excellent call quality as well.

The phone does offer good battery support. Users can enjoy talk time of up to six hours and stand by time of up to four hours. However, if you are in the habit of using too many applications at a time and wish to enhance the battery life, you can consider some of the following points. This will help you run your phone longer.

1.      Adjust the brightness level of your gadget.

2.      Make sure you don’t use live wallpapers.

3.      Leaving the battery of your phone idle for a long duration can also affect the battery life.

4.      Make adjustments in the Screen Timeout and set it for a lower duration.

5.      It is always better to select a shorter duration when you are setting up your backlight options.

6.      Set vibrate and loud volume mode in such a way that it does not affect the battery life of your gadget.

Besides following the above suggestions, you can also consider picking up an additional Samsung Gravity Touch T669 battery. If you travel for business trips on a regular basis or use too many applications, then keeping an extra battery will really help you. You will always be fully prepared and can also extend the talk time of your gadget further. This will also give you the liberty to listen to music without worrying too much about your battery lasting. You can also make calls for longer durations. In addition to this, you can also keep a travel charger. This will help you charge your mobile phone quickly and with ease anytime your mobile phone runs out of battery.

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