Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 PLUS Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 PLUS Bluetooth Keyboard CaseWe finally got our hands on a really nice Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Galaxy Tab 7.0 PLUS by Samsung. I spent about 5 hours with this today answering some emails, putting together a PDF and did a lot of chatting via Google Talk.

I have to say this is the better way to go over the Samsung Keyboard Dock. The keys feel much more responsive has a rubber coating and the best part I can interact with the Galaxy Tab 7.0 PLUS in Landscape mode which is a huge PLUS over the Portrait mode.

Galaxy Tab 7.0 PLUS Keyboard Close up

Let’s not forget it comes built into a leather case, all I have to do is open it up and within seconds I’m ready to go typing away. Battery life has been very good with the keyboard of course I’m seeing natural battery drain on the Tab itself but that’s to be expected as any device will drain using Bluetooth.

I have to give this a five out of five star only because it made me favor the ability to have a case and keyboard in one. There’s no question about portability as I would never want to carry around the bulky Samsung Dock. Sure enough come by to check out the great selection of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 PLUS accessories.

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