Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Extended Battery & Case Support Review

The need for an Extended Battery & Case for the AT&T Samsung Skyrocket Galaxy S2 is finally here. For those of you looking to be able to use your Samsung Skyrocket throughout the day without having to charge up the Extended Battery is what you’re going to need.

The latest Seidio 3800 mah Extended Battery & Door will double your battery life. There is nothing worse than going out someplace for the day and running low on battery life just because you took some phone calls and surfed the web. Now those things can happen without doubting yourself to get your Samsung Skyrocket through the day.

Best of all, there is a Seidio Samsung Skyrocket Galaxy S2 Extended Battery Case as well. This case will support the 3800 mah battery and door. Your phone will be a little heavier with the bigger battery so without a doubt you want to pay the extra money to protect your investment with a case otherwise it’ll hit the ground hard with the extra weight.

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