Samsung Galaxy S II Preview

Samsung Galaxy S II Preview

There is no doubting the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S has helped in raising the bar for all high-end Android based phones. The gadget incorporated a powerful chip-set in addition to an innovative screen technology. Following the success of the Galaxy S, Samsung has now introduced the sequel to the gadget, which it calls the Galaxy S II. Here’s a preview of the gadget. Read on to find out what makes this new gadget from Samsung even more interesting.

General: The Samsung Galaxy II incorporates a dual core chipset. It also has increased the screen size of 4.3 inches. The device features the newest 4.0 version of the TouchWiz Android skin. Even the display technology has been upgraded to its newest version i.e. Super AMOLED Plus.

Design: This is perhaps the slimmest smartphone among all those currently available. The 4.3 inches screen offers an enhanced resolution as it utilizes a standard matrix to form an image with 50% more subpixels in comparison to the PenTile arrangement found in the Galaxy S. While the resolution remains the same (480×800 pixels), it is because of the usage of a normal RGB matrix that the text appears crisper in websites and books on the Galaxy S II. Even the Super AMOLED Plus display is 18% thinner in comparison to the previous generation. Samsung is now planning to utilize a laser-based production method for its AMOLED displays this year. This will offer 300ppi + pixel densities which is exactly why users can enjoy such high resolutions.

Samsung has utilized their DNIe + image processing technology in order to enhance the picture. Users can also select from the ‘Settings’ list if they wish to set the screen by opting for three modes that include Standard, Dynamic, and Movie. The 0.33” (8.49mm) Samsung Galaxy S II has a textured surface, which differentiates it from other phones. In addition to this, the textured back cover hosts the 8 mega pixel camera with a LED flash. The gadget is very light for its size and weighs about the same as its predecessor.

Camera and Multimedia: The device features an 8 mega-pixel camera, and the phone is also capable of recording the sound that accompanies captured videos in stereo. It also has a microphone featuring noise cancellation. It has a microUSB port that doubles as an HDMI-out port and is called the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port. The camera interface has been rehashed with a more minimalistic menu that allows users to still see the scene they have framed. The gadget also allows you to place shortcut icons manually. You can place the icons of the functions you mostly use in the five slots provided on the left of the screen.

Interface and Functionality: The new TouchWiz 4.0 offers a number of nice visual touches including a redrawn icon set. Besides, users will love to navigate around while editing their home screens and the main menu. The gadget also allows you to zoom in or out while tilting the phone up and down. In a nutshell, the gestures that utilize motion sensors to navigate around the interface are very useful. Even the voice commands navigation option has been enhanced in the gadget. In addition to the usual voice application including Voice Search and Voice Recorder, Samsung has partnered with Vlingo to introduce Voice Commands, Zero Clickr and Voice Translate. You can use the Voice Translate to manage the phone and type with your voice even while driving. The interface offered by the gadget is great, and users find face any lag.

Internet, Connectivity and Software: This gadget that runs on the Android 2.3 or Gingerbread offers a good speed boost, thanks to the dual-core Exynos chipset. The browser will stop rendering the page when you do pinch-to-zoom or double-tap. It also resumes easily when you lift your fingers off. However, you can not pan around the page even as you are doing pinch-to-zoom. The device is loaded with connectivity options including 21Mbps HSPA +, 3G, A-GPS, high-speed Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA and FM Radio. It also sports the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL). In addition to this, the gadget offers more options to access the phone’s content in comparison to the Galaxy S. Aside from the AllShare app for streaming multimedia to DLNA-enabled TVs or other gear, users can also use Kies Air. This option allows users to access their phone from their computer while on the same Wi-Fi network.

Kies Air: Samsung is offering four hubs with the gadget – the Social hub, Readers hub, Music hub and Games hub. These offer easy to navigate interfaces and let users search for books, magazines, music and games easily.

With such incredible features in store, there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S II is here to stay.

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