Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T i777 Battery Life Tips & Tricks: Resolve Battery Problems

Samsung Galaxy S II is the preferred handset for those who know how the Android platform works as a great mobile business solution. It has been voted as the best Android smartphone in the market. But in the Galaxy S II, with so many applications and features, has a battery that drains faster in comparison with other smartphones. This is a problem with all the Android phones.

To extend the phone’s battery life, Samsung has innovated on a feature. It has introduced the OLED display screen which is an impressive 4.4 inches. It uses just one back light. This helps to save the phone’s battery to a great extent. Even when you watch videos, you can see darker blacks, thereby enjoy a better picture quality. This feature helps your phone to optimize battery usage. As a user, you can opt not to use colorful wallpapers, close the apps which are not being used via the task manager, lower the screen brightness by at least 25% and keep in mind to switch off the Internet/GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth, etc when not in use. Just by a little effort, you can effectively save a lot of battery on your Samsung Galaxy S II.

Celltronix Universal Rechargeable Dual USB Portable Power Pack for Samsung Galaxy S IIOther options which are suggested by the experts include rooting the phone via xda developers, disabling the Wi-Fi using the PowerBar or SwitchPro, installing the SetCPU to underlock the CPU and installing the Advanced Task Killer. You can even resolve your battery issues related to the Samsung Galaxy S II by using portable battery packs which go a long way to help you extend the phone’s battery life. Never use unbranded wall chargers or desktop chargers for your phone. The products from Techie Warehouse  ensure that you get true value for money from the authentic mobile phone accessories that you invest in.

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