Samsung Galaxy S II Are Selling Like Hotcakes!

Samsung Galaxy S II sell in the market like hotcakes

It is one thing to proclaim Samsung Galaxy II as the hottest smartphone in the market, and quite another if it is accepted worldwide. Dreams have come true for Samsung with the sale statistics backing up the statement that Samsung Galaxy S II is the smartest smartphone made available in the market. In the illustrious history of Samsung, Samsung Galaxy II has made new records by being the fastest selling smartphone in the market, with 3 million units sold in only fifty five days. This has even crossed the record of selling 3 million units in 85 days, set by the original model of this handset. If you consider the available statistics, Samsung Galaxy S II finds a user every 1.5 seconds. In U.K, Samsung has been occupying the position of the top most handset manufacturer since seventeen weeks.

Although this fact sounds very amazing, the citizens of U.S have not yet been presented with this smart model of Samsung and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this handset. This gadget would be available with three of the country’s carriers like Attain (AT&T), Within (Sprint) and Samsung Function (Verizon).

With American citizens eagerly awaiting the launch of this handset, the demand for this phone has reached legendary proportions in the United States. Although this may be a part of the game plan of Samsung, this unit has definitely excelled overseas. The goal set by Samsung to sell ten million handsets this year seems to be very close, if things turn out well for Samsung in the United States. Especially, if U.S lives up to the expectations, that it has raised, Samsung may even succeed in eclipsing its said goal, reaching far beyond!

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