Samsung Galaxy Note Extended Battery Life Accessories

Samsung Galaxy Note Extended Battery AccessoriesThere has been plenty of battery testing done out there for the Samsung Galaxy Note so for those of you who already own or plan on purchasing the Galaxy Note take a look at these results:

Web Browsing Time: 3 hours 35 minutes

3G Talk Time: 12 hours 47 minutes

Video Playback: 8 hours 25 minutes

These numbers are actually pretty decent but that was without any other major applications running in the background. So when you factor in a normal screen brightness setting, emails, apps and texting all at once this will reduce the above numbers by at least 25%.

Don’t get discouraged though while the Galaxy Note is an amazing phone this is actually pretty good battery life in comparison to the average Smartphone. To get stellar battery performance without worrying about charging your Galaxy Note throughout the day, you should consider the option of getting a Galaxy Note Extended Battery.

We have several models of the Samsung Galaxy Note Extended Battery ranging from 4800 mah to 5000 mah.

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