Samsung Galaxy Nexus Otterbox Commuter vs. Defender Case Review (i515 & i9250)

galaxy nexus otterbox commuter & defender

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ottterbox Commuter case is ideal accessory to keep the Samsung Galaxy Nexus safe against all changing climates and handlings. Here are few features are described below:

Otterbox commuter case is based on layers; inner and outer layers and screen protector.

  • It is available only in black color.
  • It comes with the dimensions of 5.53 in x 2.98 in x 0.65 in, the overall weight of commuter case is 35.65g.
  • SAM4-1515X has been designed especially for Samsun Galaxy Nexus to make it safe and sound.
  • The screen protector which is provided with the case is self adhering in nature.
  • The inner layer has been in crafted with the special bump and shock absorbing material named as silicone.
  • The outer shell is produced with polycarbonate shell to save the Nexus from impacts.

The Samsung Nexus Otterbox Defender case is much better than the Commuter case as the Defender case consists of clear membrane screen protector along with the high quality polycarbonate shell. Furthermore, the outer layer has been integrated with the durable silicone skin. The defender provides effortless access to all features which include the charging, syncing, button access along with the belt clip a great way to go for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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