Samsung Fascinate Seidio Innocase Combo & Accessories Review

The Samsung Fascinate is an amazing gadget that is packed with an AMOLED touch screen and features a 1GHz processor. It allows you to experience multimedia like never before. So, if you have this gadget with you already then take a look at some of accessories that you can purchase to support it.

Seidio Innocell Samsung Fascinate Extended Battery with Door: If you want to buy a powerful battery, then you can get a Seidio Innocell Extended Battery with Door for your Samsung Fascinate. This 3000mAh capacity large sized Battery has been specially designed for people who travel on a regular basis. It features a black replacement door. This battery allows you to use your phone for heavy usage. It is made from superior quality Japanese cells. It adds around 0.7cm to your gadget and is compatible with Seidio Holsters.

On the other hand, you can look for attractive combo cases for your Samsung Fascinate as well. You can either pick the Seidio Samsung Fascinate Seidio’s Innocase Holster Combo or even the Seidio Samsung Fascinate Innocase Active Combo.

The Seidio’s Innocase Holster Combo consists of Innocase II and Innocase Holster. This case is made from a very hard material which is also very flexible. The Innocase II offers a thin layer of protection and does not add any extra bulk to your gadget. It also features an interlocking bottom and top pieces that fits your cell phone well. The sleek design of this case also offers easy grip. The Innocase Holster which covers the Innocase II Surface and also comes with a spring clip which is very durable holds the Samsung Fascinate firmly and then also lifts for easy access. Thanks to the felt liner and the face-in design your screen will remain protected from dust and scratches. You can wear the holster in sever different styles ranging from vertical to horizontal.

You can also select Seidio’s Innocase Active Combo that consists of the Innocase Active and the Innocase Holster. It has been designed to provide protection to your handset from drops and scratches. It also does not add to the size of your phone. Its inner casing is crafted from highly durable polymer that is also capable of absorbing any sort of impact. The sides and corners of your phone will also remain protected. The material from which the case has been made isn’t too heavy and is 2.2 mm thick. The case also lets you access all the controls, ports and camera of your gadget.

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