Samsung Epic 4G Touch Battery Life Tips & Tricks: Resolve All Your Battery Problems


Samsung Epic Touch 4G

A gadget such as the Samusng Epic 4G Touch comes with incredible features that are simply unique and innovative. One of the incredible features of the device is that it is capable of connecting different models of Bluetooth gadgets. This feature is extremely helpful when you decide to record any movie or even when you think of playing back a movie.However, such hi-end gadgets which offer unlimited features in the form of multimedia, games etc. also consume a lot of energy, and as a result users of these gadgets will have to think of ways to increase their battery life as well.

If you want to find some interesting tips and tricks to increase or resolve battery related problems for your Samsung Epic 4G Touch, then you can use some of the tips mentioned here. In case you feel that the battery within your device does not last too long, then you can first try and turn Auto Sync and background data off. You can do this by simply visiting the Accounts and Sync folder in the Menu of your gadget.

Next, you can turn Airplane mode on.  You also need to turn off the display and then unplug your gadget from the charger. Now after a gap of twenty minutes, you need to check the battery level of your device. If you are a registered user, then you can check the battery level %. In case you find that the level of battery % has dropped by over one per cent, then you have a bad widget or application. You can do this by long pressing the widget and then dragging it down to place it in the trash. In case you notice that your battery level has dropped below 1%, then it could be because of poor or bad signal strength.

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